The pool may not open this year because of a delayed shipment of a required part.
“We would normally start getting ready for the pool in February, but the decision to open it was't made until April,” Mayor Arthur Jones said.

The pool had originally been scheduled to open July 1, but was delayed when it was learned that the last part would not come in until that day. The Mayor said he has since heard that the shipment of the part has been delayed until July 16. The last part is a handicap lift which is a new requirement for public pools through the Americans with Disabilities Act. The city would face a hefty fine if the pool was opened without the lift installed.

“I would love to say that the pool will be open this week or the next, but I can't,” Jones said. “I really wish we had this open for the kids to have something to do. At the rate this has been pushed back, the opening day will be much later, if we're able to open at all.”