The Morehouse Parish police jury voted to lease a grater to work on northern parish roads in extreme disrepair.

While District 4 Juror Jack Cockrell argued the jury did not have the funds to pay for another grater, District 1 Juror Floyd Tomboli said they couldn't afford not to.

“We have farmers using these roads due to bridges being out on main roads and there is no way they can bring equipment down roads like Dummy Line,” Tomboli said. “Mark [Sistrunk, District 3 Juror] and myself, along with Gene [Montgomery, Road Superintendent] road the Dummy line, Zaunbrecher, and Holly Ridge Rd. among others and they are horrible.”

“I was bounced around so much I'm still not over it,” Sistrunk added.

The discussion led to a past decision jurors had made in regards to removing roads from the parish system.

“I think that we should do both,” Jason Crockett, District 5 Juror said. “We have to improve these roads, and as this is happening, we need to take a look at those we could take out of the system and begin that process.”

In a vote of 4 to 1, with Cockrell voting against, a motion to lease a grater passed.

The jury also voted to hire a secretary in the solid waste department to be over the renting and leasing of dumpsters.

“The leasing of dumpsters has really taken off and I think its going to be too much to put on on the personnel already working,” Sistrunk said.

Sistrunk also noted how well the solid waste department is working.

“I think the citizens of the parish will be happy to know that we paid the final notes on the garbage trucks last week,” Sistrunk said. “We now own all the trucks.”

Other items on the agenda included lowering the speed limit on Bayou Drive. Cockrell recommended lowering from 35 to 30, which passed.

Cockrell also made a motion to remove Jack Morgan Road from the system, as the sole home owner asked for it to be closed to the public. This motion also passed.

The jury passed a motion for the Morehouse Parish Health Unit to purchase a floor buffer, using their funds from Parker Paper.

Damien Bollich was named to the 10th Ward Fire Department, replacing long-time member Derl Johnson