A Morehouse Parish native has returned home to attend the Union High School Reunion and sign copies of her children's books, "My Hat! My Hat! Where is my Hat!," "Fuzzy Wuzzy the Cat" and her newest book, "If I could Feed a Rainbow."

Gloria Olive graduated from Union High School in 1965 and has been living in California for many years. She was slated to come to the Main Branch of the Morehouse Parish Library in June, 2012 but was unable to make the trip due to surgery. Olive, also known as "BB," was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and underwent surgery for the disease in May 2012. She is now cancer free and back doing what she loves, writing books for children. "My love for writing started right here in Morehouse Parish," Olive said. "I would sit outside on an old, beat-up truck in our yard and just look at nature. It was just so peaceful." Olive's first love is music, which she learned from her father, Charlie Johnson, who taught all of his children how to sing in 3 and 4 part harmony. "Writing stories really wasn't my passion, music was," Olive continued. "But, as a preschool teacher for over 15 years, I realized how much joy I got from telling them stories." Olive will have a book signing from 10 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. July 6 at the Main Branch of the library and books will also be available for purchase at that time. "Anyone who buys a book will receive a free gift of two stuffed characters," Olive said.