The Mind: Thoughts from Bruce Lee

The human mind can be a wonderful thing.  It can advance our education, help us make decisions about life and it can allow us to dream.  The human mind can also be a cruel trap for those who suffer with such things as depression.  However, in most cases, that is if one is not predisposed to illness, the human mind is like a garden that if taken care of can produce beauty.  The psychologist Bandura states that we as people "learn" and "imitate" from those we see as mentors, parents, coaches and teachers.  An example is, a high school football player works hard to be a good Quarterback.  If he sees Drew Brees as a positive role model, he will try to imitate him so that he too can be a good Quarterback as well.  

In the martial arts, we have role models too.  When I was growing up, it was Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.  In the book, Bruce Lee: Wisdom for the Way, by Black Belt Books, there is a reading on the mind by Bruce Lee.  Besides being an awesome martial arts master, Bruce Lee was quite a philosopher. To share some of his thoughts on this matter, and to quote him from this book, I give you the following reading:

The Mind, by Bruce Lee

The mind is like a fertile garden

it will grow anything you wish to plant

Beautiful flowers or weeds.

And so it is with successful, healthy thoughts

or negative ones that will, like weeds, 

strangle and crowd the others.

Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind

for they are the weeds that strangle confidence.

In our daily lives, be that school, work, or martial arts, we benefit by surrounding ourselves with teachers, role models, and others who are positive and successful.  Our environment and our mind become one with what we receive from them. If we choose to take the negative path, then we, like the garden image in Bruce Lee's writing, allows us to be strangled by weeds.

Take the advice from Bruce Lee and Dr. Bandura and keep to the "positive."

Ken Ducote, MA, NCC, LPC