The Family History Club met for it's monthly meeting with Mrs. Isabelle Woods, president, welcoming guests and members. She led the group in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The regular business session was omitted and Mr. Phil Adderly introduced his wife to the members. He then distributed a pamphet entitled "Possibly - Probably - Really" to those present.
The pamphet contains research questions and answers. It also contains step-by-step information on doing research and who to outline the information. Mr. Adderly then presented a slide show, to help with the research quest.
After his talk, the meeting was adjourned and refreshments were provided by the hostess, Mrs. Woods.
Members present were Eloise Means, Nancy H. Lee, Isabelle Woods, Dorothy Brown, Genevieve McDuff, Dan McDuff, Carolyn Thompson, Susan Holley, Jo Bennett and Martha Glosup. Guests present were Linda Johnston and Anne Bennett-Colaricci.