Paul Dark is not a man to sit still for long.

Dark retired from Entergy after working 40 years and found a job at International Paper Co., where he worked as a security guard for eight years before the closing of the mill. "I like to work," Dark said. "I told them I wasn't ready to retire, but they thought I was, so I found something else to do." Dark, who turns 80 today, now fills his time with a garden he planted next door to his home. He planted the garden about six years ago and has several rows of watermelon as well as cucumbers, squash, okra, tomatoes and several varieties of peas that he tends to on a daily basis. His wife, Shirley Dark, doesn't care to help him in the garden, but does tend to her own plantings of flowers and other greenery even though Paul has begun taking over her space with tomato plants. The couple's yard and garden are in immaculate condition, which shows the patience they both have at dealing with weeds and the heat. Until recently, Paul had been tending to the yard with a push lawn mower, but received a new riding mower as a gift from his wife.