The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the conviction of Roderick Crossley on two counts of second degree murder.

Crossley was sentenced to serve concurrent terms of life without the benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence in February 2012. His motion for a new trial was denied in August, 2012 and the appeal to the Court of Appeals followed.

Crossley was accused of entering the home of Tracy Edmonds and Clinton Long on Sept. 23, 2007, shooting both of them while Edmond's children were in the residence.

Testimony by the witnesses revealed that Crossley was recognized as the shooter, as he was recognized as Edmonds' ex-boyfriend. Crossley was located and questioned and after a search of the residence where Crossley was staying, a bag containing clothing that later tested positive for gunshot residue was located. The murder weapon was found approximately one week later.

Crossley was indicted in October 2007 on two counts of first degree murder. The indictment was later amended to the charge of two counts of second degree murder.

The Court of Appeals rendered their judgement on June 26.