A Bastrop High student took a job over the summer as a page for State Representative Katrina Jackson.
Andrew Watson applied to be a State Representative's page near the end of his junior year. The position was to serve as a page for three weeks in Baton Rouge.

“Most of the other pages were college students but I know of at least one other page who was also still in high school, Watson said. “All you have to do is apply, but it's better to have a sponsor. Katrina Jackson was my sponsor. I was an unpaid intern for her last summer.”

His school allowed him to leave in May while school was still in session because the page position was considered a school sponsored activity.

“It was a job. I was paid for it, but I enjoyed meeting the people and learning about the capitol,” Watson said.

While working as a page, Watson organized bills and ran errands for the representatives.

“There were 104 desks and 105 members of the house. Do you know why? The speaker doesn't have a desk. He has his own office,” Watson said. “I would one day like to have one of those desks.”

Watson will be a senior next fall and plans to attend Louisiana State University and then law school.

“I'm interested in how the local, state and federal government runs and learning what is the best way to serve our community,” Watson said.