The Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office has arrested two men in connection with a rash of battery thefts.

Sheriff Mike Tubbs said Investigators Mitch Jeselink and Libby Brixey have been working several cases regarding batteries being stolen from farm equipment in the Bonita-Jones area and through their investigation, information led to the arrest of Hunter Levy Humphreys and Joseph W. Kendall on charges of middle grade theft and criminal conspiracy. The two were taken to the MPSO jail with a $7,500 bond.

Tubbs said the investigation is still ongoing and more arrests may be made.

The rash of thefts of irrigation power unit batteries were reported stolen from four farms in the Bonita-Jones area and west to the Knox Ferry Road area. Witnesses had indicated seeing two white men in a white Chevrolet pick-up truck in the area of one of the thefts.