Professional Martial Arts Instructor's and Master's Unite for the Common Good of the Community

If you watch too much TV and martial arts events (MMA, Disney, etc) or if you read too much folklore about old world masters challenging each other to solve conflicts, then you simply have watched TOO MUCH TV!  Oh yes, there may be some fact mixed into legend, but in all reality, the greatest Master's believed that if conflict became physical, then they have already lost-at least the spiritual side of the martial arts.  This is NOT religion.  Spirituality and religion are two different things even though they can be associated with each other.  

As the Louisiana State Director for the Tactical Hapkido/ Universal Taekwondo Alliance, it has always been my goal to get martial arts instructor's and school owner's working in concert with each other in order to advance the arts and provide a net of safety in our community.  Well, that went over like a lead ballon.  The introduction of Hapkido was to be an adjunct to anyone's existing art and enhance that art at a close quarters combat range.  Yes, the range one usually gets abducted or becomes a victim.  However, being a school owner, I guess most other school owner's believed I was trying to sell my goods to them to replace their already existing practice.  Not so.  In the end, my efforts failed and my Leadership Team and I concentrated on our school, Black Dragon Martial Ats, LLC, in Priaireville where we have become the premiere family martial arts center in Ascension Parish for children, families, sport and traditional Taekwondo, Hapkido, (a non sport-total self defense system), Women's Self Defense Seminars and Black Dragon Special Forces, a one of a kind martial arts program to meet the needs of families with children with special needs.  

After working to build a respected martial arts center I was fortunate enough to meet Master Michael Devila, a soon to be 6th Degree Black Belt who is of the same mind as myself.  That is to build a local alliance of professional martial arts instructor's and master's who are not intimidated by the gathering of souls who desire to advance the martial arts in our community for sport, self defense, personal safety, and an expansion of knowledge and an appreciation of each other's styles we teach and are willling so share so that everyone, martial artist and citizens all benefit.

Master Devila has created a Facebook Group site known as LA Martial Arts Network.  He and his training partner have a goal to offer workshops to school owners and network, so that we all can benefit from each other's knowledge without the fear of compromising our unique skills unto our original arts. Master Devila is a respected martial artist and he is not, nor does he have any intent, to open a school that would be in any way be in competition with others.  He, is willing, for the love of the martial arts and the sharing of knowledge, to offer workshops that we all could benefit from.  By not being a school owner or in competition with others for students, everyone can rest easy and try to open their minds, as Bruce Lee said, "Use what is useful, discard the rest, and make it your own."

At Black Dragon Martial Arts, we welcome Master Devila and all the members of the LA Martial Arts Network as well as future members to share with us your skills as we share ours in order to build a united front against personal violence to the citizens of this Parish as well as the neighboring areas and as martial arts instructor's and master's to further the education of the arts to the students and families we service.  May all minds be open!

Happy Training,

Master Ken