Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office Investigator Mitch Jeselink has arrested an area man on two counts of felony theft.

The department received a complaint May 24 regarding the theft of 13 cultivators with a combined value of $1,200 from a farm located on the Crossett Hwy. As Jeselink was gathering information, the suspect, identified as Sal Miletello, 30, 208 Francis St., Sterlington, sold merchandise matching the description to an area recycling company. Jeselink located Miletello and arrested him for the theft.

It was then discovered that Miletello allegedly also was responsible for a second theft of farm supplies.

A complaint was received on May 8 regarding the theft of welding leads and batteries from a farm shop on La. 2. The approximate value of this merchandise was $1,600. Miletello also sold this for scrap.

Between May 20 and May 24, Miletello charged $740 worth of chemicals at a local business under the name of another farmer, without the farmer's permission.

After receiving this information, Jeselink then arrested Miletello on the second charge of felony theft.

If convicted of the first count, Miletello could face up to five years in prison with or without hard labor, or be fined up to $2,000 or both. On the second count, he could face up to 10 years, with or without hard labor or be fined up to $3,000 or both.