Five people accused of stealing cattle in Morehouse Parish went before Fourth District Judge Daniel Ellender Tuesday morning in order to have their bail set.

Ellender spoke to each of the accused and set individual bails according to their criminal histories. Kayla Stevenson, Rowdy Ray and Carey Hutchinson each received a bond amount of $10,000. Ray was charged with two counts of theft of livestock, bringing his total bond to $20,000.

Brandy Fralick recently came off of felony probation and Ellender sat her bond at $15,000. Robert McKinney has several prior felony arrests and his bond was sat at $30,000 for each count of theft of livestock, $20,000 for possession of stolen property, $25,000 for criminal conspiracy and $25,000 for contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.

The group was arrested in the early hours of June 9 when two trucks pulling cattle trailers were seen on the Old Bonita Road.

Deputy Odell Stone responded to the area, saw the vehicles south of Kinnaird Farms and ran the license plate on one of the trailers. The trailer came back as stolen from Dreher Farms in October 2012.

When Stone, other deputies and Lt. Scott Culp stopped the caravan, they found 37 head of Brangus cows, bulls and calfs loaded in the trailers. The cattle were identified as being stolen from an area pasture.

The cattle was returned to its rightful owners.