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  • LEAP test scores reported

  • Students in the fourth and eighth grade are mandated to take and pass the LEAP test in order to be promoted to the next grade. The scores for those Morehouse Parish students taking the test show a slight decrease in the percentage of those meeting the promotional standards for the school year 2012-2013, compared to the 2011-2012 school year.
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  • There are five categories students' grade may fall into: Advanced, Mastery, Basic, Approaching Basic and Unsatisfactory. Students must score at least a basic on English Language Arts or Math and at least an approaching basic on the other in order to be promoted.
    Statewide, five percent of eighth grades scored advanced in the English Language Arts section, in the district, three percent scored advanced, which is the same for the previous year. In the fourth grade, the statewide percentage was seven and the district percentage was three, also the same as last year.
    Overall, only seven percent statewide scored unsatisfactory in both the eighth grade and fourth grade English section. Districtwide, 10 percent of eighth graders scored unsatisfactory and seven percent of fourth graders.
    In the math section, 14 percent of fourth graders and seven percent of eighth graders statewide scored unsatisfactory. Districtwide, 15 percent of fourth graders and 26 percent of eighth graders scored unsatisfactory.
    The percentage of eighth graders making mastery in English parish wide was 14, up two percent, compared to 20 percent statewide. Students scoring basic were 42 percent, up one percent, compared to 44 percent statewide. Those scoring approaching basic were 31 percent, down seven percent, compared to 24 percent statewide. Those same students making mastery in math were three percent, down a percent, compared to seven percent statewide. The percentage scoring basic was 45 percent, up two percent, compared to 55 percent statewide and those scoring approaching basic were 25 percent, down seven percent, compared to 20 percent statewide.
    In the fourth grade, the percentage of students scoring mastery in English was 16 percent, up two percent, compared to 24 percent statewide; those scoring basic were 49 percent, down three percent, compared to the statewide 46 percent; those scoring approaching basic were 24 percent, up two percent, compared to 16 percent statewide. Those students in the math section, 18 percent, up three percent, scored mastery compared to 23 percent statewide; 39 percent, down 14 percent, compared to 38 percent statewide.
    Dr. David Nordman, Secondary Curriculum Supervisor, said those students needing remediation for the LEAP test were able to go to summer classes at no charge.
    The classes began May 29 and 105 fourth grade students and 73 eighth grade students are attending the remediation. They will retest the LEAP at the end of the course.
    There are also 146 students in grades sixth through twelfth attending credit recovery classes in order to make up deficiencies in core classes and 21 students are attending classes for remediation in preparing for the End Of Course Retest and 36 Connections students have attended to prepare for LEAP retest administered to Eighth Grade Connections.
    "All teachers and students are continuing to work diligently preparing for success on the retest," Nordman said. "The summer retest will begin with EOC tests on June 24 followed by the remaining scheduled test during the week of June 24 - 28. Parents of summer school students should anticipate notices from their children with detailed instructions for the summer retest."
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