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  • Board receives grant

  • The Morehouse Parish School Board has received a 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant in the amount of $1,918,800, to be spread out over a three-year period.
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  • At the June 4 Board meeting, Superintendent Dr. George Noflin announced the award, which will be used to provide opportunities for academic enrichment including tutorial services to help students who attend low-performing schools meet State and local standards in core academic subjects.
    The grant will provide students additional services, programs and activities, such as youth development activities, drug and violence prevention programs, counseling programs, art, music and recreation programs, technology education programs and character education programs, that are designed to reinforce and complement the regular academic program of participating students and
    offer families of students served by community learning centers opportunities for literacy and related educational development.
    "We partnered with a professional grant writer for this project and were able to receive it for Bastrop High School, Morehouse Jr. High School, South Side Elementary and H.V. Adams," Noflin said.
    Committee reports were also given; the Personnel and Student Affairs Committee recommended reverting the grading system from a 50 percent lowest grade back to the actual grade a student earns. Much discussion regarding this followed, with proponents stating children who had an off day or had problems at home before a test should be able to pull up a bad grade, but if they scored less than a 50, it would be hard to pull up.
    "Nobody is trying to give these students anything," District 2 Board Member Louis Melton said. "But, kids do have off days and I hate to see them lose the will to do better."
    District 5 Board Member Mike Stephens made a motion to table the matter until more research could be brought to the board. The motion carried.
    It was also recommended to give a one-time $3,000 supplement to the Bastrop High School Connection's teacher and this passed.
    Kathy Yeldell presented a statistical report of test scores and the graduation rate.
    The graduation rate for Louisiana is 72.3 percent and the rate for Bastrop High School was 73.9 for the 2012-13 year. A breakdown of test scores and their meanings will be in the Friday edition of the Enterprise.
    Dr. Noflin recognized those who were retiring from the school system. A total of 777 years experience will be lost to the system following the retirement of the following:
    Those with 12 years experience
    • Donna Hunt, paraprofessional
    • James Tippitt, paraprofessional
    13 years experience
    • Darlene Durr, paraprofessional
    • Elinor Greely, paraprofessional
    14 years experience
    • Evelyn LaForge, transportation
    15.5 years experience
    • Joyce Cowden, curriculum secretary
    16.5 years experience
    • Jimmy Luzader, educator
    • Joyce Jefferson, nutrition manager
    17 years experience
    • Emma Parker, nutrition technician
    18 years experience
    • Lendy Davis, transportation attendant
    Page 2 of 2 - 20 years experience
    • Arthur Rucker, transportation driver
    • Shelia Sudduth, transportation driver
    • Peggy Caldwell, nutrition manager
    • Gloria Downs, nutrition technician
    • Obie Johnson, custodian
    24 years experience
    • Trena Andrews, educator
    • Josephine Davis, nutrition technician
    25 years experience
    • Linda Johnston, paraprofessional
    25.5 years experience
    • Julius Phillips, paraprofessional
    26 years experience
    • Joni Eckles, educator
    30 years experience
    • Annie Mason, custodian
    31 years experience
    • Debbie Cox, psychological services
    • Jane Lawson, educator
    • Cheryl McDaniel, educator
    33 years experience
    • Steven Carter, custodian
    34 years experience
    • Faye Bennett, transportation driver
    • Carl Owens Jr., director of psychological services
    34.5 years experience
    • Monica Thrower, counselor
    35 years experience
    • Kathy Blakeney, IT specialist
    • Camille Lender, educator
    36 years experience
    • James George Scott, educator
    41 years experience
    • Dolly Martin, assistant principal
    Dr. Noflin also presented a personnel report stating the following: Danny Nevala will replace Ray Owens as Director of Psychological Services; Alex Payton will replace Troy Buckley as head mechanic and Stacy Pullen will fill a new position as District Title I Coordinator; John Caldwell is being transferred from Assistant Principal at Bastrop High School to Assistant Principal at the Bastrop Learning Academy; the position of assistant principal at Morehouse Jr. High, Delta Jr. High and South Side Elementary will not be filled.
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