For parents wanting their children to attend the new Delta Magnet School of Academic and Performing Arts, the deadline to submit an application has been extended to June 17, 2013.

"According to research based strategy, students perform better when students are motivated, inspired, engaged and enjoy what they are doing," said Vera Tucker, instructional facilitator for the school. "In fact, it’s usually a recipe for success. In addition, students benefit tremendously from fine and performing arts as well as electives that allow and foster creativity and individuality. "

The Morehouse Parish School Board approved the new magnet school initiative for the 2013-2014 school year.

"This initiative was a result of a survey that was given to parents, students, faculty, staff and community leaders to address the current problems in our school system. The results indicated the need for an innovative, transformational curriculum, that would be a part of a new school concept," Tucker added.

The surveys and student interviews indicated that most students no longer enjoy school because they have limited opportunities to explore areas of interest associated with talent, creativity and natural abilities.The data also confirmed that they are rarely motivated or inspired because they seldom get an opportunity to express or demonstrate their real interest or creativity.

The goal of the Magnet School will be to provide students with two fine or performing arts electives a year. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in several clubs such as the Debate, Drama, Reading, Community Service and Art Clubs.

A vital part of the new school curriculum is to make the school an effective, high-quality learning community. This will mean that community leaders and parents will play a vital role at Delta Magnet School of Fine/Performing Arts.

In addition to the learning community and fine and performing arts, Delta will immediately address the school needs based on the data (discipline reports, grades, LEAP, iLEAP, DIBElS, EAGLE and daily observations). Social and positive interaction skills will be addressed immediately and throughout the school year. In addition, academic tutoring based on individual needs will begin after the first six weeks. For students who are advanced, they will receive enrichment. Students who have academic challenges will receive remediation.

Students who attended Delta Junior High for the 2012-2013 do not have to apply to the new school in order to attend. All other students who reside in Morehouse Parish and have a 2.0 overall grade point average with no expulsions are eligible to apply. Applications are currently available at Morehouse Parish School Board or Delta Junior High School.

For more information, contact Principal Cynthia Clark, Counselor Shelia Green or Tucker at 647.3443.