The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is offering experienced hunters the opportunity to teach new hunters the necessary skills to become independent hunters.

The Louisiana Hunting Heritage Program pairs those willing to mentor with those wanting to learn. The mentors receive training and support from the Wildlife and Fisheries and are covered by the department's liability insurance while participating in program related activities.

“Serving as a mentor is a great way for an experienced hunter to pass along their knowledge and love of the outdoors to another person who has the desire to learn, but lacks the support structure a new hunter needs,” said John Sturgis, Education Program manager for Wildlife and Fisheries. “This is a great opportunity for an experienced hunter who wants to help perpetuate the sport, and may have special appeal to retirees who hunt or hunters whose children are grown."

Mentors will help their apprentice gain the skills and confidence they need to hunt independently. This may include time at the shooting range, learning how to scout and identify game, selecting equipment, cleaning game and hunting together.

Mentors will be assigned an apprentice hunter after the apprentice has completed an application and undergone a background check. Assignment of apprentices and mentors takes into consideration location, type of hunting each person is interested in and other factors that will help make the match successful.
 The previous hunting season was the first year the program was operational and several mentor/ apprentice matches were made.

Mentor applications should be submitted by July 1, 2013 and mentor-apprentice matches will be made by mid-August. 
Persons interested in serving as hunting mentors can find applications and additional information on the Heritage Program at or contact John Sturgis at 225.763.5448 or