Building a community of sharing with other martial arts instructors

Black Dragon Martial Arts, LLC, in Prairieville, has been open for about a year and a half.  Although this school is new to the area, the instructor staff has individually anywhere from 10 years of experience to over 35 years of martial arts experience.  Being the owner and the school director, it has always been the mission of this school to be a place where families gather, train together and enjoy the benefits of the martial arts at prices anyone can afford and without heavy laden contracts. Black Dragon Martial Arts is also the only legitimate Chartered school in the State of Louisiana of the Tactical Hapkido/ Universal Taekwondo Alliance under Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker. Master Ken Ducote is the Louisiana State Director for the Alliance.  At Black Dragon Martial Arts we teach Little Dragons karate for kids ages 6-10, traditional and sport Taekwondo to adults, Tactical Hapkido-a non sport practical and proven self defense system for the average citizen, Women's Self Defense and Special Forces-a progran designed for families with special needs.  All of the instructor's are Internationally Certified in the Arts we teach.  Master Ken is also a licensed psychotherapist. 

As the Louisiana State Director of the Alliance, when I first opened the school I attempted to invite all instructor's to come meet us and build a raport that together we as professionals might enhance the safety of Ascension Parish by sharing what we know with eachother and the community.  Everyone teaches a striking art, be that Tang Soo Doo, Taekwondo, karate etc., but the Tactical Hapkido is an adjunct to any art when the situation changes to an up close and personal encounter.  It is a stand alone martial art with levels of force to meet the need of the aggression or a perfect up close combat skill when ones kicking game is shut down due to small spaces and limited movement.  However, with that said, no one responded to the invitation even though we are not in competition with anyone because our mission at Black Dragon is focused on self defense and not tournament sport.  

Then this week a break through happened.  Two highly trained martial artist visited us and with open arms embraced us as brothers and sisters in the arts.  Both of these gentlemen are law enforcement personnel and since I was a deputy sheriff for Jefferson Parish and East Baton Rouge the bond was strong.  Finally after a year and a half, brother in arms, if you will, unintimidated came in good will with the safety of military and law enforcement in mind and together found a "true place of the way" as a dojo or dojang is known.  

This was for me a breath of fresh air.  My entire Leadership Team is excited that finally we have found folks who like us, have the interest of the community at heart.  It is my hope that as this relationship grows and we share our experiences, this knowledge can be passes on not only to law enforcement and military personnel, but to the public as well.  As these two gentlemen formulate a plan of study and we offer what we know, I am sure that from this the public will benefit.  This will not be sport karate.  It also is not MMA.  It will be common sense, combat proven skills that anyone, male or female, big or small can effect a technique and control what could have become a violent crime.  

While all of this is in the works, I encourage adults 14 years and up to visit us at Black Dragon on Monday and Wednesday nights at 8pm and experience Tacical Hapkido.  This is one martial art that everyone can do and is effective from day one.  Come by for a FREE introductory class and experience martial arts in a new light, but with old world world tradition, honor and respect.

Happy Training

Master Ken