Mayo and Friends Christian Fellowship is celebrating 20 years of musical gatherings in 2013.

Mayo and Friends is a group of singers and musicians that started out with D.R. Mayo and his wife, Sandra, and several of their friends.

While the group was performing for a church, Rebecca Lambert came up to them. Lambert asked what the name of their group was so that she could put it in the newspaper.

“Just friends,” Mayo said.

So, Lambert named them Mayo and Friends.

“The Lord is the one who led us all the way,” Mayo said.

Mayo and Friends got its start by performing in nursing homes. Before long, the group began to receive invitations to sing at events such as parties and church gatherings. Eventually, they began holding a yearly event with singing, food and fellowship in the agricultural building. This lasted for about four years. The group then began to meet periodically at an old store on Bonita Road, although they did not have a specified time or date. In 1993, Mildred Kinnard suggested they meet every third Saturday at the old store and invite everyone to come.

Over the years, a considerable amount of hard work and time has been put into upgrading the building. Recent additions include two new bathrooms.

Sandra Mayo has since passed away, but D.R. Mayo has continued the event.

“We just have a good time. We've never missed a third Sunday in 20 years,” Mayo said.

The fellowship is held every third Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at 15650 Old Bonita Rd. A potluck is held afterwards.