A Morehouse Magnet School student was recently recognized on the State level for her scholastic acheivements.

Seventh grader Morgan McKee, who is in the gifted reading and honors math classes at MMS, was selected in the fall of 2012 by Duke University for the Duke TIP Talent Search. She was one of the 1,000's of seventh grade academically gifted students around the U.S. chosen to take the American College Test (ACT) for a chance to qualify for the program.

"This was an amazing opportunity for me and I was beyond excited and willing to accept this opportunity," McKee said.

McKee took the ACT test in February, at Bastrop High School, along with two other students from her class and many juniors and seniors.

"After the testing was over, some of the seniors asked me questions like, 'How old are you?' 'Did I think it was hard?'" McKee continued. "They were shocked when I told them I was 12, and no, I didn't think the test was hard. I was just glad it was over."

At the beginning of March, the ACT test results came back, showing that McKee had scored a compost of 20, which is better than almost 60 percent of the juniors and seniors who took the test throughout Louisiana. Her score was also the highest out of those MMS students chosen to take the test, qualifying her for the Duke TIP Program.

Due to her scores, McKee received many opportunities to attend academic programs for summer studies, online programs and weekend studies at several different colleges. She also received a letter from Northwestern State University notifying her that out of the 2, 238 seventh grade students in this year’s Talent Search, she was one of the 1,103 to qualify for state recognition in Louisiana.

On May 6, McKee, along with her parents, Mike and Crystal Rea, attended the State Recognition Ceremony as well as other planned events at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches

McKee has maintained a 3.8 grade point average this year and when not studying, enjoys playing outside with her dogs, riding 4-wheelers, playing with her siblings, hanging out with friends, reading, mother/daughter dates, father/daughter dates and spending time with her Pawpaw.