Graduation...a time of reflection, excitement and even a little sadness.
Because this is Graduation Week in Morehouse Parish, it is the Enterprise's honor to highlight the seniors of Bastrop High School and Prairie View Academy with the annual Graduation edition as part of today's paper. Special recognition was made for those at the top of their class with a luncheon held May 7 and while all the students deserve recognition for all they have accomplished, today the spotlight is on Trevor Wallace.

Trevor, the son of Ronald and Melanie Wallace of Bastrop, was injured two years ago in a hunting accident and decided he would not let that injury, which placed him in a wheelchair, stand in his way of walking across the gymnasium floor at PVA to receive his diploma.

"Trevor has never had a negative attitude about his injury and stays very upbeat about his life," Melanie Wallace said. "Before, he was very bashful but he has really came out of his shell and doesn't meet a stranger, now."

The family began trying to make Trevor's goal of walking again a reality and through the help of the Shriner's Children's Hospital, were able to get leg braces for him.

"When we went to get the braces, they told me they had never made any that big before and they did look huge to me," Melanie continued.

Working with Staci Brown at Dan Woods Physical Therapy, Trevor was able get used to walking distances with his braces. He practiced at the school several times before Tuesday night's ceremony and, as he walked down the center aisle, was greeted with a standing ovation from those who had supported and prayed for he and his family.

"This has given me a better outlook on life," Trevor said. "I appreciate what I have and live everyday to the fullest, not taking for granted all those little things that I used to.

"I am so appreciative to my class and the people of Bastrop who have supported me and contributed to the fundraiser held for me. I am so much closer to my family and grateful for all the things they have went through with and for me. I am also very thankful to my little brother, Bryce, who helps me so much with things. I was able to help coach his baseball team this year and really enjoyed being able to spend that much time with him. My girlfriend, Kristen Brooke Oliphant, as well has made a huge difference in my life. It's hard to be shy when you are with her, she just draws people out."

Trevor has been accepted to the University of Louisiana at Monroe, where he plans to study radiology.

"I saw so many rad techs while I was in the hospital that I thought I might like to pursue that field, possibly going on and earning my doctorate," Trevor continued.

If Trevor says that's what he wants to do, Trevor will accomplish that goal with the same determination and strength he has shown. The strength that continues to inspire those around him to do their best, simply because he is doing his.