The Black Dragon Special Forces is up and running.

Black Dragon Martial Arts in Praieville has been working in concert with other professionals in the field of offering a program for children with special needs.  As you might know from my last blog, this was just in the beginning stages.  Now, the final touches of the program have been completed and the Internationally Certified Black Belt Instructors of Black Dragon, as well as Special Ed teachers, professionals, and parents of individuals with special needs have come together to kick off this much needed program for our community.  

The Black Dragon Martial Arts Special Forces was the idea of Black Dragon's Kristine Ducote.  Kristine is an Internationally Certified Black Belt Instructor who has experience working with individual with special needs.  The meetings and connections have been done and now the program is ready to begin.

Starting in June, classes will begin at the Black Dragon Dojang (school) every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursday of the month from 7:00PM-7:45PM.  The first Thursday of the month is reserved for the Instructor's private training.  

Those interested should call Kristine at 225-715-7856.  There are strict criteria for safety and control.  A parent is ENCOURAGED to attend class with the student since they know the "triggers" that the student might have.  All students will be screened, should be high functioning and non-violent.  Although we are teaching under the martial arts umbrella, the main goal here is socilization, limits, motor control and cognitative skill to be enhanced.

We are the only martial arts school in Ascension Parish offering this service with this type of support staff and a Licensed Psychotherapist on board.  You are invited to the Open House, Tuesday, May 28th at 6:00PM at the Black Dragon Dojang (school) located at 40017 Hwy 42, Ste C, Prairieville, La-next to Leblanc's Food Store.  This is the application meeting for those interested.  There is a limit of student to instructor ratio.

Black Dragon Martial Arts is a member of the Tactical Hapkido/ Universal Taekwondo Alliance under Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker.  Our web sites are:

All the Best we can offer,

Master Ken