Morehouse Magnet School had some special guests Monday. Tim and Laura Allured appeared at the school with their Harvey Rabbit and Friends Show. Harvey Rabbit was joined by several other characters such as the T-boy alligator and Cecil the chimp.

The show used a wide variety of characters both good and bad to teach the children to avoid violence, resolve conflicts peacefully, play fair and help stop bullying. The show also referred to issues like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes as things the children may face and should walk away from.They used the setup of rules of the road, using the road of life rather than an actual road. The children interacted by helping decide how to handle certain situations and calling out those who violated the rules. The kids proved to be very active listeners by calling out on cue and responding to the speakers questions. Two lucky students even got a chance to join the cast on stage.

The show was not only educational but also entertaining with music, ventriloquist dummies, humor, pop culture references and even a song to teach for the kids to learn. The kids were given a chance to sing along to popular songs and were given relatable story scenarios like playing Jedi or arguing over which radio station to listen to. The kids also got a special surprise when Tim and Laura brought out their pet cat who had accompanied them all the way from Lafayette.