Steven Odom, 7041 Plum St., was arrested for carnal knowledge of a juvenile, after he had sex with a minor staying over night a her friend's house, according to Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office chief criminal deputy Bryan Shoemaker.

Shoemaker said that on the morning of April 28, the juvenile told her mother she'd had sex with Odom.

“The juvenile stayed over at a friend's house and a group of them piled up in one bed and watched movies,” Shoemaker said. “The juvenile said after the movie ended, they all fell asleep in the bed. The juvenile said she was awakened to Odom kissing on her. She told Odom to stop, but he didn't.”

Odom continued his advances the juvenile, even though she told him to stop, Shoemaker stated.

“She went home and told her mother the next morning that she had sex with Odom,” Shoemaker said. “After her mother told authorities, they went after Odom and he was located at his home.”

Odom was arrested and transported to the Morehouse Parish Jail, where, as of Monday, he remained with a bond of $25,000.