Seven Innings with Morgan Edmonds

Bastrop High senior center fielder Morgan Edmonds loves history. Watching him patrol center field almost effortlessly, studying Edmonds' career path from his freshman year until now is indeed curious.
Edmonds has always possessed the natural ability, but couldn't seem to make up his mind whether he wanted to play or not. After dropping off the team each of his first two seasons, Edmonds has been a fixture in center field the past two seasons.
“Morgan has matured,” said Bastrop coach Whit Whitlock. “The last two years, he has made a commitment and stuck it out. He understands that he is special and has a lot to offer.
“Morgan has the ability to get anything done. He just has to stay with it long enough to get it done.”
Edmonds is batting a respectable .306 with a .390 on-base percentage, 10 RBI, 14 runs scored and is a perfect 7-for-7 in stolen bases. Always a threat to bunt, he puts pressure on the defense.
Speaking of defense, that's Edmonds' specialty.
“Morgan had a 1.000 fielding percentage in district,” Whitlock said. “He rarely has to use it, but he has the strongest arm on the team. He sees the ball off the bat and tracks it well. He's just fluid out there.”
Edmonds and the Rams travel to Tioga on Thursday at 6 p.m. for a first-round playoff game.

Top 1st: When did you start playing baseball?
Morgan Edmonds: I played T-Ball for Spillers Oil when I was 5 years old. Brian Nobles was our coach.
Bottom 1st: What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of baseball?
Edmonds: Striking out, of course, is my least favorite.
My favorite part is making the clutch plays and being there for my team.

Top 2nd: How important was it to make the playoffs in your senior year?
Edmonds: Now that we've made the playoffs, I want to win the first game and go a little farther my senior year and see what it feels like.
Bottom 2nd: How big was the win over Ouachita on Monday night?
Edmonds: It was pretty big to beat a 5A team in a real good game at our place.

Top 3rd: What are the keys to the Rams' success in the playoffs?
Edmonds: Timely hitting and making defensive plays. We can't have any errors because the key to our team is defense. Our hitting is off and on. If our defense isn't on, you are taking a big piece of the puzzle out of us.
Bottom 3rd: Who is the toughest pitcher you have ever faced?
Edmonds: The pitcher from LaSalle my freshman year. It seemed like he was throwing 110, but they said it was 93. It was faster than the blink of my eyes, I know that much.

Top 4th: Do you have any baseball superstitions?
Edmonds: Before every game, I write my number — number five — in the batter's box and draw a circle around it. I only do that on my first at bat, though. I don't do it the rest of the game.
Bottom 4th: Tell us about your most memorable game.
Edmonds: I think I'll remember Monday night for a long time. Coach Mo (Josh Morrison) was my favorite coach when he was here, so I'll remember making plays against him (Edmonds made a diving catch for the first out of the top of the seventh) and scoring one of our two runs. It felt good to beat a good team in what was possibly our last home game.

Top 5th: What advice would you give to the younger players?
Edmonds: Every opportunity is equal. No matter who you are playing, they put on their pants just like we do and strap on their cleats just like we do. Don't let the situation be bigger than it is. Just play the game.
Bottom 5th: If given the opportunity, what is the one thing you would change about your high school career?
Edmonds: If I could go back to my freshman year, I would take my grades more seriously. I would be more serious about everything.
By your senior year, everything that happened earlier follows you and it's hard to fix.

Top 6th: What are you going to miss the most about playing high school baseball?
Edmonds: I'm going to miss my friends, my coaches, playing with my team and being in the spotlight. Out here, it seems like I'm always in the spotlight because everybody out her loves me.
Bottom 6th: What are your plans for the summer?
Edmonds: I'm going to go to Portland, Ore. with my dad (Terrell Bradshaw) and spend some time with him. I'm going to go shopping and spend a ton of money. I love shoes, so I'll probably buy a lot of shoes.

Top 7th: What are your summer plans?
Edmonds: I plan on going to Grambling, but I want to transfer to Portland State after my freshman year. The economy's so much better up there, so it's easy to find a job. The only negative thing is it's always raining up there — I mean all the time.
I'm going to major in history.
Bottom 7th: Why history?
Edmonds: History's easy for me. Once I hear something, I know it. History's just interesting to me. I like to know how the world got to be how it is now. I like knowing where we came from and how we got to be where we are now.