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  • * Hobby: Hunting.
    * Favorite sports memories: Beating Neville this year and hitting a double last year when we scored five runs in the bottom of the seventh to beat Benton 5-4.
    * Most embarrassing sports memories: The time I got my shoes tied up in the fence at Baron or when I got knocked out at Carroll (in football). I guess I would have to say getting caught in the fence because I really don't remember what happened at Carroll.
    * Funniest sports memory: Watching the dude from Wossman kick dirt on the umpire. I'd seen it happen on TV before, but it was always a manager, not a player. I never expected to actually see it happen, especially by a player in a high school game.
    * Favorite team: LSU.
    * Favorite class: English IV dual enrollment with Mrs. (Mitzi) Quinn.
    * Favorite move: 'Never Back Down.'
    * Favorite food: Chicken or pizza.
    * Sporting event I would most like to attend: The College World Series.
    * Dream vacation destination: Colorado. I've always wanted to go snow boarding.
    * Pet peeves: When a batter jumps out of the way of a pitch when it's coming at them and when people throw their helmet in the dugout.
    * If I could buy any vehicle I wanted, it would be: A 2013 Hummer would be pretty cool to have.
    * One possession I couldn't live without: My baseball glove.
    * Career ambition: To work on valves or to be a welder.
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