Most 25 year old women are busy with a career or starting a family. Most young women do not have to face the uncertainty of a future with cancer.
Tiffany Pruitt is not your typical 25 year old, though. She has been through more in her life time than most. She survived a wreck involving a log truck in which she was knocked unconscious for 45 minutes, losing her teeth and damaging a hand among other injuries and now endures magraines as well as back problems.

Now, she is facing another battle; a battle with cancer.

Pruitt, an exercise enthusist, was doing crunches one day when she noticed a knot in one of her breasts. She immediately called her mother, Connie Pruitt, who scheduled an appointment with Tiffany's regular doctor. The doctor sent Tiffany to the Kitty Degree Center for a ultrasound of the area and a core biopsy. From there, she went to see a surgeon and then to MD Anderson, where a battery of test was performed including another ultrasound and a fine needle biopsy.

"I thought she was just going to have another ultrasound, and I sat there for four hours not knowing what was going on," Connie said.

What was going on was another biopsy because the doctor was not pleased with the first one.

"At that moment, I decided I would have a double mastectomy," Tiffany continued.

Tiffany's grandfather, Odell Marsh, had battled cancer for six and a half years, before passing away, so both Tiffany and Connie were familiar with that world and knew what could happen.

"My daddy had what they call 'ghost'