The Morehouse Parish Communication Service District reminds the public that 9-1-1 signs should be in front of every residence.
The District has recently received some complaints regarding safety officials having difficulty finding homes, due to no 9-1-1 number being visible.

"It is a matter of safety for the homeowner," said Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs. "If we receive a call and can't find the home, the victim is the one who suffers."

It was decided in Jan., 2009 to allow homeowners to replace signs if the original was damaged and could not be located. The District approved the measure, allowing Messenger and Associates to make replacement signs at a cost of $20 to the homeowner. The original sign was free.

The signs were purchased by the District in the early 1990’s but it is up to the home or business owner to replace the sign if it is damaged.

Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office Lt. Keith Robertson reminded the board of an ordnance enacted by the Morehouse Parish Police Jury in 1989, requiring every dwelling to prominently display the number where it can be seen and read from the nearest roadway.

This ordnance also states that violation will result in a fine of $5 per day to the owner and or occupant of the dwelling.

Frank Messenger of Messenger and Associates said he would be willing to have the signs at his business and if someone needed a replacement, they could call his office and come by and pick up a new one.

“If the signs aren’t maintained, the system will fall apart,” said Messenger.

Tubbs said they would enforce the ordinance.

“We try to work with homeowners and let them know where to go to get a new sign, but if someone just refuses to put one up, we will enforce the penalty,” he said.