The men of Second Missionary Baptist Church are looking to make a difference in the lives of local teens this summer.
For the second year, the church is sponsoring a program to put young men aged 16 - 20 to work in a lawn care service. The mission of the men's ministry department. is to mentor these young men to develop good work ethics.

"We want to encourage an attitude of working to attain things they may want," Ernest Lee, mentor for the program, said. "None of our local governmental bodies have any funding for such jobs, which is why we started ours."

The program worked with 8 to 10 youth last year by teaching them the aspects of lawn care and having them actually do these types of jobs for local residents and businesses. There is not a set fee to have the young men do lawn work, but a donation from the owners to cover the cost of fuel and equipment as well as give the youth a small stipend.

"Because we are a religious organization, most corporate charitable donors will not grant us funds," Lee continued. "So we have to seek support from private businesses and individuals."

They would like to expand the job training program to employ more youth, but need lawns to mow.

"It is our hope that churches, businesses and individuals with rental property as well as home owners will take advantage of the program," Lee said. "All donations are tax deductible."

To find out more about the program and how to become involved as either a mentor, worker or someone needing the service, contact Lee at 281.9671 or Emmett Johnson at 281.8822, Elvis Chafford at 351.4500 or Issac Blanch at 547.6576.