Bad news for bald or balding men: Hair loss at the top or crown of your head (instead of the front) could be a risk factor for coronary heart disease, says new research in BMJ Open.

Previous research has connected all balding to heart disease, but the recent review found that men who bald at the crown only were 52 percent more likely to have the disease. Meanwhile, frontal hair loss was only associated with a 22 percent increased risk.

Researchers aren’t sure why location matters, but think that balding could point to other health problems connected to cardiovascular disease like insulin resistance (a precursor to diabetes), chronic inflammation, or sensitivity to testosterone.

My father you might recall after reading my book died at the age of 64 of heart disease. Coincidentally, he had the most amazing thick, silver hair. On the other hand I am losing mine at an alarming rate the last few years so who knows what I have in store. What you have to remember in this scenario is the best ally is preventive measures like:

routine yearly physicals
regular exercise
eating healthy most days of the week
managing stress

We cannot control our hair loss but we can do something about choices we make that directly affect our health.
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