Sharon Daigle has been charged after an audit revealed that $15,000 was missing from a local finance company.

A Bastrop woman was picked up Wednesday on a warrant, charging her with 30 counts of bank fraud, after the local finance company she managed since 2009, conducted a recent audit and discovered over $15,000 was unaccounted for,, according to Chief Downey Black.

Sharon Daigle, 39 of 11022 Whipple Pool Rd., was issued the warrant on April 5, Black said, after evidence showed suspicions theft in the company.

“She was arrested at her home on the afternoon of April 10 by (Bastrop Police) Det. Eric Newnum,” he said.

Black said Daigle had been employed with the company from 2009 to 2012. After representatives with the company noticed money missing from the books, they brought in an auditor, he said.

“All of the evidence was reviewed and Daigle was suspected of pocketing money that was meant to be applied toward accounts.”

Black said Daigle was sending legitimate accounts to the City Marshal's office for garnishments. When the reimbursements were sent back to her office, it's concluded that some of the money was applied to the accounts as expected, and some she pocketed.

“Daigle was arrested and booked in at the Morehouse Parish Jail, with a $90,000 bond already set on her warrant,” Black said. “She was given a bond of $3,000 on each charge.”

According to a representative at the MPJ, Daigle bonded out soon after her arrest.