Catherine Buchan and Jennifer Threlkeld have been awarded National Beta scholarships.

Two Sterlington High School seniors received National Beta Scholarships this year. Catherine Buchan and Jennifer Threlkeld achieved this honor by being active in their school and community, while sustaining 4.0 grade point averages.

Sterlington High's Library-Media Specialist, Michele H. Taylor, said this is occurrence is history in the making.
“We have had several get it over the years, but have never had two in the same year,” she said. “We are really proud of them.”

Buchan said she wasn't expecting to receive the scholarship, so when she did, it came as a great surprise.

“I was ecstatic when I first found out about receiving the scholarship,” she said. “I was not really counting on getting it because it was nationwide, so when I learned that I was honored enough to have been chosen, I was very excited. When I got to tell my parents I had received the scholarship, they were very happy for me. You could tell that they were very proud of this accomplishment, and what parent isn’t excited about their child getting money for college?”

Buchan has attended SHS since the seventh grade.

“I went when the middle school and high school were still together,” Buchan said.

Buchan is involved in several extra-curricular activities, such as the varsity golf team.

“I've been a member since the seventh grade,” she said. “I also participate in the Gifted and Talented Art Program, as well as Beta Club and Student Council.”

With a full schedule of studies, Buchan said she still finds time to have fun.

“My favorite hobby is really to play soccer,” she said. “ I would have loved to play for Sterlington High School if we ever get a team.”

Buchan said she has big plans after high school graduation.

“I plan on attending ULM in the fall to more than likely major in Kinesiolog,” she said. “My goal is to eventually go on to physical therapy school. I plan on using the money from the scholarship for college expenses. I have a feeling this money is going to end up going towards books but who really knows at this point.

Buchan said she is not taking this honor for granted, as she feels truly blessed.

“I feel truly honored to have won this scholarship,” she said. “Even being considered was great but to have won, it has really shown me that all of the hard work I have put in over the years has been well worth it.”

Threlkeld has attended SHS for four years. Her extra-curricular activities include Beta Club, Fellowship of Christian Students, tennis team, and Delta Beta Sigma High School Sorority.

“In my spare time I enjoy babysitting, going to baseball games, going to the movies, and hanging out with my family, friends, and boyfriend,” she said.

Threlkeld said when I found out she had received the National Beta Club scholarship she was “ecstatic” as well.

“It’s satisfying when you work hard for something, achieve it, and are recognized for your efforts,” she said. “My parents were extremely excited and proud. When I graduate, I plan to attend Louisiana Tech University and major in Biology. I will use the money to help defer the cost of my college education. I am very blessed to have received this scholarship.”