The Morehouse Parish Police Jury met April 8 for it's regular monthly meeting.
Jerlean Archie and Sandra Lofton addressed the jury regarding their residence on Bayou Drive. They asked that the road in front of their home be given to them to be marked as private property, as it is the last home on the road and traffic continues to come up the the residence when people are lost or are going to the boat launch, which is in the opposite direction. The jury granted permission to the Archie's to take that portion of Parish Road 1101 out the their system and give to them. Juror Jack Cockrell also made it clear to them that the parish would no longer be responsible for maintaining the area.

The jury also give permission for President Terry Matthews to enter a cooperative endeavor agreement with the Ouachita Parish Police Jury for the overlay of the bridge over Bayou Bartholomew leading into Bartholomew Woods. Ouachita Parish will supply the machinery and the manpower for fixing the bridge and Morehouse Parish will pay for the materials. The parish lines runs directly in the middle of the bridge.

Don Costin's contact for manager of the Farmer's Market was renewed for another year, without any opposition and discussion was began on updating the ordinance books in Morehouse Parish.

As this is a costly and lengthy endeavor, permission was granted for Shasidee Phillips, jury secretary to investigate and find out the actual cost of updating the manuals. It was decided that the cost of the books would be split among the four entities of drainage, road, solid waste and the general fund, as there are ordinances concerning each of these to update.