UFO spotted hovering over Morehouse Parish
Monday, April 1st, a Morehouse Parish resident videotaped a UFO, which simply means the object in the sky over southeastern Morehouse was unidentified. It doesn’t necessarily mean little green men from mars. However, perhaps in this case it was.
Tuesday morning my car wouldn’t start; the battery was dead. When the battery dies, the whole monitoring system goes berserk. Friend Chuck jumped the car and I made an appointment at the Chevy dealership in Monroe for Wednesday where it took six hours to replace battery and cables. It took extra long because the high-priced mechanic left something loose and didn’t reset the monitoring system first time around.

Also on Tuesday morning, my watch battery died. I dug out the old Seiko Kinetic but apparently the kinetic mechanism was zapped along with the batteries.

Derl Johnson of Jones suggested the UFO stopped by my house to recharge its batteries. Mike Lytle of Bonita added, likely they rebooted their computer system too.

Derl also said he heard that any sightings of UFOs of April 1st could be suspect. Apparently, such sightings on April Fools Day ranks right up there with mysterious Crop Circles. Hmmm.

A couple weeks earlier, baseball sized hail pounded my house one Monday, leaving deep holes all over the yard and breaking a beautiful art glass window, storm doors, a fiberglass patio roof, a metal porch roof and Chuck’s pickup’s windshield. His truck received huge dents and house siding was broken and battered. Six beautiful gazing balls were smashed to smithereens. But, the house is still standing.

Then five days later another hailstorm and tornado came along. Mere marble sized, but very plentiful, a tree was uprooted, landing on my fence and every leaf on a dozen Live Oak Trees were beaten off. Electricity was off for 24 hours. What wasn’t damaged in the first storm was finished off in the second.

I needed a change of scenery so Carolyn Files of Oak Ridge and I left town this past weekend, meeting daughter, Theresa, Carla, Carla’s eight-month old grandson, Ray, and Carla’s mom, Melba in Natchez, MS. They drove up from Long Beach, MS. We did a carriage ride, went sightseeing and ate very well. Chuck looked after my crew of furbies.

Little green men hovering over Jones? When the report about the UFO was released, it was reported it only hovered for about three hours. You ask me, it was here longer than that. When interviewed, Chuck told the newsman from Channel 8 the first hail sounded like a battleground. You reckon some aliens were trying out their latest weaponry? Barksdale Air Force Base used to send low-flying jets on training missions over Jones. They advised me, when I complained, they chose sparsely populated areas. Maybe Martian military maneuvers might mimic American military maneuvers too .

Tony Cooper, roofer extraordinaire, replaced my roof less than two years ago. Now he’s up on the roof even as I type doing it again. Everything will eventually be repaired and replaced. Theresa gave me a beautiful birdbath, bird feeder and gazing ball because she’s the best daughter in the whole world. I’m refreshed from the mini-weekend getaway; however, the weatherman just reported another large storm system heading our way by midweek.

But that’s okay. After all, I also received a letter from Andrew Daji, Chief Auditor of Lloyds Financial Services Ltd., United Kingdom and I’m going to inherit $15,500,000. Andrew looks forward to my prompt response. His email is

andrewdaji@rocketmail.com and he can be faxed at +448707620889. Of course, he requested for security reasons I keep this proposition absolutely confidential. Yeah. Right.