Seven Innings with Josh Daigle

If high school baseball games were nine innings instead of seven, Josh Daigle could be like one of those college baseball players you hear about occasionally that plays one inning at every position over the course of a game.

At one time or another this season, Daigle has played a total of seven positions.

“Josh has played just about everywhere this year except pitcher and first base,” Prairie View coach Dan Smart said. “He's my utility man. I'm comfortable putting him anywhere on the field.”

Like most utility men, Daigle would prefer to have a permanent position, but is willing to move around for the good of the team. Daigle's position in a particular game is usually dictated who is pitching.

“I don't know what I would do without Josh,” Smart said. “He can play anywhere on the field and has a great attitude. He's going to be dearly missed next year.”

Offensively, Daigle is beginning to his stride after a slow start. He had the Spartans' only two hits and drove in the only run in a 5-1 loss to Glenbrook on Saturday night.

Always a threat to steal, Daigle is a perfect 6-for-6 in the stolen base department.

“Josh has a good bat and he runs well,” Smart said.

Daigle is in his second year as a starter for the Spartans after playing primarily at shortstop last season.

Also a two-year starter in football, he earned first-team All-District honors at defensive end as a senior.

Top 1st: When did you start playing baseball?
Josh Daigle: When I was 9, I played for Woodmen of the World in the Dixie League.

Bottom 1st: What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of baseball?
Daigle: My favorite part is the games. My least favorite part is practice.

Top 2nd: What is your favorite position?

Daigle: Shortstop is my favorite position because it's where you get the most action. I played shortstop in almost every game last year.

Bottom 2nd: How difficult is it, not knowing which position you are going to be playing from one day to the next?

Daigle: It's not really that hard. It's kind of fun playing all the different positions, but then again it gets kind of old. But as long as I'm in the lineup and getting a chance to help the team, I'm okay with it.

Top 3rd: How important is it to make the playoffs during your senior year?

Daigle: It's very important because I don't want the season to end right now. If we don't make it, this is my last week to play baseball.

Bottom 3rd: What's it going to take for the Spartans to make the playoffs?
Daigle: We have to get motivated and get our stuff together. We have to get the attitude that we want to play. Mainly, we just have to start hitting the ball. We've been getting good pitching and playing good defense, but we haven't been hitting the ball.

Top 4th: Who is the toughest pitcher you have ever faced?
Daigle: Ryan MacGregor from River Oaks. He graduated last year. He had a great arm and a curve ball to go with it.

Bottom 4th: If you could go back in time and change one thing about your high school sports career, what would you do differently?
Daigle: I would tell my baseball coaches that I could only play one position.

Top 5th: What are you going to miss the most about playing high school baseball?
Daigle: I'm going to miss being out there with everybody I know and having fun.

Bottom 5th: What are your plans for the summer?
Daigle: I'm going to work at the (Morehouse Parish) jail and do a lot of fishing.

Top 6th: What is the biggest fish you have ever caught?
Daigle: I caught a 6 1/2-pound bass at Bussey Brake while fishing with my friend, Hunter Lusby.

Bottom 6th: What is the biggest deer you have ever killed?
Daigle: I went hunting by myself at Chemin-A-Haut Creek bottom and killed an 8-point.

Top 7th: What are your future plans?
Daigle: I am going to Delta Community College next year and eventually plan to become a game warden.

Bottom 7th: Why a game warden?
Daigle: It seems like it would be fun. You get to ride 4-wheelers and get in boats. I like working outside a lot better than being inside.