The Southern University and LSU Ag Centers are presenting two workshops next week, offering Morehouse Parish residents tips on raising healthier lawns and gardens this summer.
The first workshop, slated for April 8, will be a vegetable garden workshop taught by Chris Robichaux, the County Agent in Agriculture for St. Martin and Iberia Parishes. Robichaux will focus on how to have a better production of spring vegetables.

“Most of the older generation knows how to grow healthy vegetables, but they can still come and pick up on tips they might not know,” said SU Ag Center Extension Agent Odis Hill. “The newer generation is trying to eat healthier, so many of them are growing gardens in their back yards these days. We want to make sure they know what to do to make it as healthy and productive as possible.”

Hill said they'll also be giving out plants to those who attend, funded by the SU Ag Center.

“It's not definite as to what types of plants we'll have, but we'll probably give out tomato, watermelon and cantaloupe plants, to name a few,” Hill said.

Then on Thursday, April 11, the SU Ag Center will host a lawn care workshop.

“This is the one we have a big demand for,” Hill said. “It will deal with lawns ranging from homeowners to commercial.”

The lawn care workshop will be taught by Terry Washington, the SU Ag Center County Agent in Agriculture for Rapides Parish and Raful Brew, the LSU Ag Extension Agent in Union Parish.

“Both of these men are experts in lawn care,” Hill said. “They've even worked in the lawn care business.”

Hill said those who come to the lawn care workshop are welcome to bring any weed or flower from their yard that they may have concerns with. He said the speakers will do their best to answer everyone's lawn care questions.

The Vegetable Garden workshop will be at 6 p.m. on April 8th at the LSU Ag Auditorium. The Lawn Care workshop will be at 6 p.m. on April 11th at the same location. Admission is free and open to the public. For additional information, call Odis Hill at 281.5741 or 237.3517.