After eluding Bastrop Police since January, Wesley Ricks was apprehended in Miami Beach Thursday by U.S. Marshals, according to Chief Downey Black.

Black said three Bastrop officers, Det. Eric Newnum, Sgt. Marvin Holmes and Assistant Chief Bubba McDuffy, spent several man hours following leads, which ultimately led to the capture of Ricks.

"They followed leads that indicated Ricks was in Miami Beach," Black said. "They forwarded all of the information they had to U.S. Marshals Wednesday. Ricks was picked up Thursday."

Ricks, 19, is wanted for five counts of aggravated rape and four counts of cruelty to a juvenile,

according to the Bill of Indictment. The BOI, which is decided by a grand jury after the district attorney presents the facts surrounding the case, listed five counts of aggravated rape that took place on or about 2009 through Dec. 2012. The victims in this case were juveniles, as young as the age of 14.

Ricks' BOI went on to state his four counts of cruelty to a juvenile also took place on or about 2009 through Dec. 2012. Those instances were allegedly carried out on the same aggravated rape victims. The BOI stated the cruelty to a juvenile charges were based on occurrences such as beating the victim with an extension cord and shaving their hair with electric clippers.

The paperwork filed on Ricks reports claims from the victims stating Ricks had tied them up with an extension cord and beat them, causing whelps on their legs. It went on to state the victims were told by Ricks that he would cause bodily harm to them and kill their mother and grandmother if they told anyone what he'd done.

Black said Ricks is currently in custody in Miami Beach, but will soon be returned to Bastrop. His affidavit and warrant states his bond is set at $100,000 on each aggravated rape charge and $50,000 for each cruelty to a juvenile charge, totaling $700,000.

Black said Ricks' capture was possible thanks to the BPD officers.

"They did an excellent job," he said.