The Family History Club held its regular monthly meeting recently.
President Isabelle Woods called the meeting to order and distributed an agenda for the meeting along with the upcoming geneological events at the Shreveport/Bossier Library. Also distributed were copies of papers from Addie Hutchinson's Bible. The group recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the minutes of the Feb. meeting were read by Dorothy Brown. The treasurer's report was also given. Mrs. Brown has a "wish list" in Volume 1, Issue 2 of "The Lineage. Members were reminded to sign up to be hosts.
Mrs. Woods reported on getting the FHC on the internet and encouraged all to attend the training sessions in Shreveport.

There are 26 libraries in the area and brochures will be mailed to them, showing what is for sale by the FHC. The club will pay for postage. Mrs. McDuff will also be showing examples of the books for sale.

Prior to her program, Mrs. Woods gave an outline of her life.

She was born in Hawaii, living at Pearl Harbor. In 1962, she moved to Los Angeles and was employed by the USPO. She now lives in Bossier City. Her program was on the Morgan Hutchinson Family of Morehouse Parish. After the presentation, she hosted the members to refreshments.

Members attending were Leonard Farrar, Eloise Means, Isabelle Woods, Dorothy Brown, Mr. and Mrs. McDuff, Carolyn Thompson, Susan Holley, Martha Glosup and new member Nancy H. Lee.

Mrs. Lee was introduced and welcomed into the club.