One of the most frequently asked questions, since the beginning of mankind, is- when will the Earth come to an end? Which has also sparked the questions – if and when will Jesus return?

Many pastors say you need not look far to see the signs that have been placed around us, but few have laid it down in a course, giving proof and documentation of the signs of the times.

Due to a large response from the class already given once, Pastor J.T. Wheat is holding another Prophecy lecture on Tuesday, April 2. This will not be a regular church service, but only a course dealing with prophecies of things taking place in our time.

Wheat, a local pastor, is an author known throughout the nation for his motivational and religious books. He is also a devout student of prophecy. He has written three books, and is now writing a fourth book on prophecy. His most recent book, 'Can This Be America's Last Chance?', tells a little of the signs of the last days.

Wheat promises to offer more than scriptures from the good book at his lecture. He plans to give other references to back up what he says are more than just theories.

“One of the major prophecies is being fulfilled right before our eyes,” Wheat said. “Just look at how many governments have been overthrown within the past five years. We are now looking at the possible financial collapse of our own nation. Nations are certainly now in more trouble than ever before.”

Wheat said another sign is the fact that there are more new strains of diseases breaking out today, than the drug companies can develop the antibiotics for.

“Earthquakes are happening almost every day on earth,” he said. “These things are all fulfillment of prophecies given by Jesus.”

The Prophecy lecture will be at 7:30 p.m. on April 2 at at the First Apostolic Church, located at 11384 Crossett Rd. Wheat would like to give a special invitation to pastors of all religions.

"You will be welcome and treated with the greatest respect," he said.

For more information, call 281.2426.