Youth Legislature, a 35 year tradition in government education, promotes and encourages youth leadership, participation, cooperation and teamwork among peers. The event gives students the confidence they need to go on to participate in leadership roles in high school and in their community.

Youth Legislature is a middle school program that introduces students to the legislative process. The classroom preparation begins in October. Students learn the legislative process including qualifications of office, politics and elections and the passage of bills into laws at the state level.

Students hold mock elections at the classroom and school level, research current Louisiana laws, create bills and speeches for legislative session, campaign for office or begin preparation for debate for or against the proposed bills.

The students complete their experience by participating in a two-day mock legislative session at the Old State Capitol.

At the Old State Capitol, students elect a Governor and House and Senate officers. They also sponsor, debate, pass and fail bills, which they have drafted. They lead and serve on legislative committees and speak publicly before an audience. Some students serve as Press Delegates, writing articles and conducting interviews of the mock legislatures and other students participate as Photo Journalists, capturing the special moments of the mock legislature and create a video shown at the closing joint session.

Currently, more than 40 schools from 10 parishes participate in Youth Legislature. This year Youth Legislature, Session 2 consisted of 287 students. MSAW sent 109 eighth grade students to attend along with students from St. Theresa of Avila and St. Aloysius.

Youth Legislature 2013 – Session 2 Results

Cabinet Members: Xavier Gahman, Governor; Tyrin McCoy, Secretary of State; Mya Smith, Superintendent of Education; Matthew Gaudet, President of the Senate Pro Temp; Madicyn Battiste, Senate Sgt at Arms; Kilrain Popleon, Speaker of the House and Michael Robinson, House Sgt at Arms

MSAW Senators & Representatives Inducted into Hall of Fame: Raylin Hracek, Kyle Bosley, Luke Graves, Devin Strickland, Ty Martinez, Lindsay Michelle, Jacob Allen, Justice Washington Lee, Eric Carlin, Lexie Banks, Press Delegate; Kurisen Thomas, Press Delegate

MSAW Bills Inducted and Signed into Law from: Abraham Delfin, Uriah Jones, Jackson Morgan and Devin Strickland.