Sherwin-Williams Paint Store and the City of Bastrop have partnered together to help improve the appearance of what will soon be one of the town's center attractions. Carter Park baseball and recreation area is receiving a new paint job from top to bottom, in the hopes of leaving this 46-year-old structure looking like new again.

The idea for the new facelift came when Bastrop's Sherwin Williams Store Manager, Lindsay Dollar, took the initiative to participate in the corporation's venture to aid in the beautification of local communities. Thus, the idea for National Paint Week was launched. Sherwin Williams website states whether it's painting the walls, some furniture, a home's exterior or something else altogether, the return of warm weather makes people want to lighten, brighten, and freshen with paint. National Paint Week was the perfect response for this reoccurring phenomenon.

Dollar said this event takes place every year with Sherwin Williams' stores across the nation, both in small groups individually or in groups, get together and decide on a structure in their town that could use a new paint job. Dollar said she and the store's employees decided to participate this year, knowing the City had long since had their sites set on Carter Park.

“We paid 60 percent of the funding and the City paid 40 percent,” she said. “We had already painted some of the bathrooms a couple of months ago. I said it just made since to paint the rest of the park.”

Mayor Betty Alford-Olive said the City is proud to help out with this positive project.

“First and foremost, we're always pleased when community agencies want to help out in the beautification of the City,” she said. “Carter Park is a highly visible area and we want to make it as attractive as possible.”

With America's favorite pastime drawing near, players and fans are anxiously awaiting their beloved sport to begin the first part of April, the painters have a vastly approaching deadline to complete the project. “They began working Monday and they have to be done before the new season starts,” Dollar said. “They're also redoing a lot of the wood that is no longer any good. The colors are a light cachly and trimmed in a medium brown.”

Many Moerehouse Parish residents have pleasant memories from one or all three of the baseball parks available in this area. With countless memories made over the years and many more to come, the City's Director of Public Works, Barry Johnson, said he and his crew are proud to be working on this project that will make history while benefitting so many.

“The City's employees play a large role in this project,” Johnson said. “I feel that the endeavor between the City and Sherwin Williams shows an effort between both. It shows that they're aiming toward one goal that we should all strive to accomplish within our communities - the beautification of a City we can all be proud of.”