A local man takes his chances with a jury of his peers in a felony theft case and loses.
Morehouse Parish Assistant District Attorney Steve Sylvester prosecuted Stanley Guyewski in Fourth District Court this week on charges stemming from a theft of an air conditioner at a local church in Sept., 2012. Guyewski was arrested on the theft charge along with Jessie Guyewski.

Jessie Guyewski, who has a history of thefts, pled guilty on the charge and received a 10 year sentence. Stanley was brought to trial, where a jury of six convicted him. He now faces 10 years as well. Stanley also has a criminal history of thefts as well as various other charges.

"It's getting to be that time of year when we will see more air conditioner thefts," Sylvester said. "People work too hard to have someone just come along and steal their things, so this office will prosecute vigorously anyone brought in."