You may have noticed that there is a change in the appearance of downtown. After thirty five years City Hall is getting a face lift.

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”… That was one of the reasons Mayor Olive and the council took the initiative of having the City Hall refurbished. “This building is over thirty five years old and time had taken a toll on the structure and aesthetics of the building. Olive went on to say that “the City Hall is host to many guests; citizen, elected officials, and prospective business executives. It is our desire for the City Hall to be reflective of our tagline Spirit, Pride, and Progress. The greatest compliment that we can pay to the outstanding citizens of this community is to have a well maintained facility that meets the needs of this community. I trust that we all share the pride in the work that has been accomplished inside and outside of the building. Through the use of one-time grant funds, we have been able to stretch and maximize matching city funds to accomplish a great deal of improvements. Recently the City of Bastrop applied for and awarded capital outlay funds to replace the roof on City Hall and the driveway at Central Fire Station. In coordination with our Main Street program, we selected a modern color scheme that would be timeless yet still appropriate to the building. Pictured are members of the crew of Richard Gilmore, who grew up in Bastrop and was awarded the contract, they have done an outstanding job. He estimates the job will be completed in about another week. They are in the process of painting the accent colors and details such as caulking holes and cracks. A lot of prep work had to be done on the building since it had been so long since it had been painted. Olive also noted that plans are underway for a spring open house so all citizens will have the opportunity to see the upgrades that have been made.