Life and times in martial arts as a progression of change takes place in our society.

Ascension Parish has always been rich in martial arts instruction.  We have been lucky here to have a full range of arts offered from the most traditional to the most eclectic of arts including the MMA circuit.  However, in this past year, the most established schools have revamped their associations and the newest schools who have tried to break into the market have failed.  Even some old timers have retired and sold out to instructors in Baton Rouge to try to revamp the capitalism of contracts and cheap patches and "clubs" within school for the sake of the legal tender.  These are "outsiders" looking for your hard earned money with promises that you will never see, but fills their coffers.  Do not be fooled.

In Ascension Parish there are a few schools that are very legitimate and well chartered and certified by international orginazitons.  And then there are those who claim to be Chartered under an Alliance or even clain to be a legitimate LLC, but a quick check with the Secretary of State proves otherwise.  

The bottom line here is if trophies is all one wants-go anywhere.  If one wants a true martial arts education that includes body, mind, and spirit. Dig deeper.  Just like picking a college, check the acreditation.  Do not be fooled by the "bling."

Happy Training,

Master Ken