The City of Bastrop will host a Mayoral Forum at 6 p.m. March 21 in the city hall courtroom. The purpose of the forum is to allow each of the candidates answer questions regarding the office as well as give a brief bio of themselves and their plans if elected.
Bastrop City Clerk Sandra Goleman is in charge of the forum and said the forum, which will be televised, is an equal playing ground for all of the candidates as well as a chance to reach many voters at one time.

"It is so expensive to run for an office and by having the forum in the courtroom, all of the candidates are able to talk with many more voters than they would if going door to door," Goleman said.

The city has hosted several forums in the past, including the last mayoral forum.

Goleman assures that there will be no special favors or advance notification of questions to any of the candidates.

"I have been in charge of these forums for the past several times and when I approached the mayor about doing one, she merely agreed and told me to tell her when," Goleman continued. "It's really strictly across-the-board and everyone will get the questions at the same time in order for it to be fair."

"There are so many voters who can not attend due to various reasons and with it being televised, they can watch from the comfort of their home."

Richard Patrick will be the moderator for the forum and citizens will be able to write down any questions they have for the candidates.

"We will have slips available for voters to ask their questions and these will be given to Mr. Patrick to ask as time allows," Goleman said.