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I went to a quilt show in Lake Charles today. Itís sponsored by a quilt guild in town called the Calcasieu Cut-Ups. You can read more about this event here.
Iíve been a quilter since 1986. I doubt many of my friends in Louisiana know that about me. Iíve only made one quilt since moving here, and that was four years ago, when my nephew was born. Iím not sure why I got out of the habit. It likely has something to do with my eyesight and the fact that I can no longer see up close without reading glasses. But after viewing the fabulous quilts on display today at the show, Iím motivated to get started again. This was one of my favorites. I love the bright colors! And the polka dots are fun.
In 1986, my sister was pregnant with my first niece, Loren. I asked my best friend Beth, who is an amazing quilter, to help me make a baby quilt for the pending birth. I thought Iíd only make that one quilt. I hadnít planned on becoming a quilter. But after the process of making that first quilt, I was hooked. Indeed, quilting is a process, and I think thatís what I love about it. There are so many steps, each one unique. The many steps keep me from getting bored. After formulating an idea, you shop for fabric. I love this step. I love browsing through fabric shops. So many colors, patterns, and textures! I especially love the batik prints. Theyíre like beautiful watercolor paintings.
Then you choose a design or pattern. You trace, cut, and sew (I sew the pieces together and quilt by hand. It takes an average of about three months working diligently to complete a quilt; longer if the quilt is larger). Once the top is complete, you sandwich the quilt back, batting, and top, and begin quilting. Finally, you sew on the binding for the finished work of art.
Yes . . . art. And thatís something else I love about quilting. For someone like me who canít draw or paint, quilting is a satisfying artistic outlet. Who can say this isnít art?
If my friend Melissa quilted, sheíd make this one.
Over the years, Iíve made numerous quilts. I honestly have no idea how many. Most of them I gave away as gifts. Hereís a collage of a few quilts Iíve made.
My favorite quilt is this one my mom made for me. See my boys?
Mom wrote this on the back of the quilt.
In addition to quilts, there were several vendors at the show. I bought some fabric and came home with lots of ideas. I have two projects planned, but I canít say what they are right now. Itís a surprise!

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