The students of Morehouse Junior High School were able to celebrate Black History Month Wednesday, as they had a program in conjunction with their Award's Day.

The MJH choir performed several songs, including leading the audience in “We Shall Overcome,” which was the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement. Student Quatonia Sims was the guest speaker for the program. She talked to her classmates about the importance of getting a good education and having a good attitude.

Sims explained in the previous school year, she had a very bad attitude and did not care about school. She said she slept through her classes and would not do anything the teachers asked of her.

“I told my teachers to leave me alone, get out of my face and stop talking to me,” Sims said. “But, over the summer, something changed me.”

That something was a talk Sims had with her grandmother, Theresa Sims, who simply told her to come to school and act right.

“I just decided I would do what she told me to,” Sims continued. “Now, I respect my teachers, get good grades and I'm on honorable mention, just because I wanted to do something to make my grandmother proud of me.”

In closing, Sims told her peers to make up their minds and change their attitudes. If promised them if they did, good things would come their way.

“Believe me, I did it and I'm glad I changed!” she exclaimed.