Some of the residents in Morehouse Parish exhibited their inner heroes last week, when they detained a man at Walmart for grabbing the purse of a handicap woman and running with it.
Jo'Shan Downs, 6040 Mer Rouge Rd. was arrested last Thursday and charged with purse snatching and resisting an officer, after he stole the purse of a woman in a motorized cart.

“She had it in her front basket, but I guess she felt a little uncomfortable and took it out,” said chief Downey Black. “Downs grabbed her purse anyway though and ran out into the Walmart parking lot.”

Black said, according to witnesses, some good samaritans chased Downs.

“He threw the ladies purse in a ditch and eventually got tired of running and laid down,” Black said. “The good samaritans detained Downs until an officer arrived and arrested him.”

Downs was brought to the Morehouse Parish Jail, where as of Wednesday he remains. He received a bond of $1,500 for his purse snatching charge and another $1,500 his charge of resisting an officer.