From picking up trash along the shores of Bartholomew Bayou to Carter Park Clean-ups, Keep Morehouse Beautiful has remained active the past few years, and they appear to be getting noticed more as well. KMB received Keep America Beautiful President’s Circle Award during KAB’s 60th anniversary National Conference in Washington, D.C. last week.

The President’s Circle Award recognizes exemplary performance made by certified affiliates of the national nonprofit, in building and sustaining communities.

To qualify for a President’s Circle Award, KMB had to meet KAB’s standards of excellence, by conducting an annual Community Appearance Index. In this diagram, the affiliate’s cost/benefit ratio is calculated and activities in the areas of litter prevention. They also consider efforts in recycling and waste reduction.

KMB president Lisa Chain said because of this honor, KMB will be more likely to receive the annual grant from KAB, which enables them to fund clean-up projects.

“We hadn't gotten any grants from them for several years because we didn't have any projects,” Chain said. “Now we've got something going on almost year round.”

Chain said among the projects they've completed, they've put put out trash receptacles throughout town, along with cigarette butt receptacles.

“We were able to purchase these, along with surveillance cameras to locate people making illegal dump sites with the money funded by Keep America Beautiful grants,” Chain said. “I don't know what we'd do with out them.”

KAB offers programs and engages in public-private partnerships that help create clean, beautiful public places.

Chain said through KAB and KMB actions, together they can help create communities that are socially connected, environmentally healthy and economically sound.