Mayor Betty Alford-Olive and Bastrop City Judge Phillip Lester are pleased to announce
the recently completed renovations to the courtroom inside the Bastrop city hall.


courtroom was designed and constructed in 1978 when the current city hall complex was

built under Mayor Johnny Bond’s administration. At the time, nearly forty years ago, the

courtroom was likely considered “state of the art.” However, since that time laws have

changed with regards to life safety codes and Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). In

order for the City of Bastrop to better serve the citizens as well as continue to receive

federal grant dollars, many areas of city hall had to be retrofitted. After taking office in

2009, Judge Lester he proposed an ordinance for the collection of a service fee that was

approved by the board of aldermen. This fund is solely dedicated for the purpose of

maintenance and up-keep of the court facilities. In addition, Mayor Olive Was able to

secure one-time funding from the State to maintain the city hall complex. Olive states

that this was exactly what the funds were intended to be used for and it was great that she

and the judge were able to pool their resources and provide a current “state of the art”

courtroom. Mayor Olive went on to say this building belongs to the citizens of the City

of Bastrop and she is charged to up-keep and maintain it. I am a firm believer that City

Hall must represent the city well and we strive to see that it is a positive reflection on the

city, Olive said. In concluding, Olive stated that she is excited to announce more long

overdue renovations to the city hall complex in the near future. I trust that the citizens

will take the opportunity to see the courtroom. Renovations that were made to the

courtroom include: new seating, lighting, ceiling tile, carpet, paint, upgrades to the sound

system and audio Visual needs. Olive concluded in saying, “by working together we can

always accomplish more”, a theme she works toward on as many projects as possible.