Kenneth and Alma Honeycutt Married April 27, 1944 ,this April will be 69 years.

When did you meet? Met in Oct. 1941

Hometown? Tommy – Mer Rouge, Alma – Bastrop

How old when married? Tommy was 21-years-old. Alma was 20-years-old.

How many children?

Six children and nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

What does Alma like best about being Kenneth? Least?

He has been a faithful partner and I hope he outlives me. Least is he doesn't really like politics and I do.

What does Kenneth like the best about Alma?

I like dancing with her the best. The least is politics.

Above all:

“Marriage is triangle with God at the top and the wife and husband at the bottom,” Alma said.

Kenneth agreed by saying, “God had been very good to us in our many years.”

What's your secret?

“The secret of our life is communication,” Alma said. “Certainly loyalty and respect, but you must have communication. We never argue. The only thing we disagree on is politics.”